2018 Regional Biodiesel Seminars

The Fuel of Tomorrow

is Here.

Join the National Biodiesel Board and industry experts for a series of regional, one-day seminars designed to educate fuel wholesalers, distributers, retailers, marketers, fleets, and municipalities on the current benefits and opportunities surrounding biodiesel. Attendees can expect to gain an understanding of biodiesel’s place in today’s liquid fuels supply chain, and to learn how the fuel can be leveraged not only as a cleaner burning, renewable alternative to diesel fuel, but as a means to increase market share and enhance an organization’s brand. End-users will gain comprehensive insight into how to buy and protect their fuels to ensure optimum performance.

Los Angeles, CA | Date | Time | Venue
Quincy, MA | Date | Time | Venue
Portland, OR | Date | Time | Venue
Cleveland, OH | Date | Time | Venue
Philadelphia. PA | Date | Time | Venue